Who are the Ethical Group?

The Ethical Cleaning Company provide professional cleaning services within Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire.

When the company was founded in 2004, the Directors, with many years in the office cleaning industry, had first hand experience of the non professional way that the cleaning industry was conducted. They also realised that pay levels varied widely and much of the legislation involved was misunderstood.

The industrial cleaning environment at the time made it very difficult for purchasers of cleaning services to distinguish between one cleaning company and another.

They set out to provide a genuine alternative where promises were delivered and a client could be comfortable in the knowledge that they were getting the standard of cleaning that they expected, not just occasionally but every day.

The Ethical Cleaning Company from the outset choose to attract higher calibre staff by offering higher remuneration and benefits package including a profit shares scheme which at the time was unique to the industry.

By setting high standards from the start the Ethical Cleaning Company have built an enviable reputation for high quality cleaning service delivered trained and motivated cleaning professionals.

Andy Hare

Andy Hare


Andy Hare - Sales

Peter Beecroft

Peter Beecroft


Peter Beecroft - Manager